The Worlds Worst Parents!

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fluffy I’m really glad you make these videos because of you I get to see how f*** up this world really is and now I’m a young mom and my son like that never to have sex without protection never to get a girl pregnant education comes first as got a girl pregnant now I’m going to be strapped with this baby nobody asked me if I wanted to have another kid and I’ll be damned if somebody’s going to call me grandma not that I don’t love the child it’s just there’s so many f*** up people in the world I mean really f***-up people just look at your videos it gives me no hope for the future I feel we need to thin the herd and really have like the movie The Purge and the first person to kill is Donald Trump and then every person that’s on these videos that’s bad parents that should keep us pretty busy for a whole night take care of fluffy

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This is must-watch movie of this year

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