7 Things In Your Life You Should Never Apologize For!

7 Things You Should Never Apologize For – Did we miss anything? Download or stream the speech now on: iTunes: Spotify: GooglePlay: AmazonMP3: Apple Music: MP3 Download: Transcript/Lyrics & Speaker details: 7 Things you should never apologize for: 1. being yourself! 2. following your dreams 3. taking time […]

5 Habits to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful

Are you guilty of making these harmful mistakes when it comes to your habits? Watch today’s video to discover the 5 habits you MUST give up if you want to be successful. Pay close as the fastest way to success is to model success! Want to be personally mentored and coached by Tim Han (founder […]

How Anyone can Invest and Become Rich!

Website: Primed Berkshire Hathaway Annual report:… Warren Buffett’s favorite book -The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham on Amazon: Tony Robbins Money Master the Game on Amazon: Audible 30-day free trial: Warren Buffett – One of the most successful investors of all times with an estimated net worth of over 80 […]

NO EXCUSES – Powerful Study Motivation 2017

NO EXCUSES! DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! This is a powerful Motivational Video for success & studying on why you need to stop making excuses and start putting in the effort and getting the results you want! Sorry for the late upload, as I mentioned on our Facebook page I had to take the video […]

How To Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking!

“What are you, a cyborg?” That kind of weird things happen when you don’t have a script and just reply to your audiences’ comments! Hope you enjoy! ===== HANG WITH ME ON THE SOCIALS: =====… ===== SUMMARY ===== Full transcripts, summary, and mp3 and the full transcript of this episode: […]

How to ALWAYS win an argument

The Tricks: 1. Postulate What Has To Be Proved 2. Choose Your Definitions 3. Persuade the Audience 4. Kafka Trap 5. Ad Hominem 6. Absurd Proposition Follow me! 🙂 Twitter: Facebook: Discord: IMPORTANT: this is not a political comment, nor is this a political channel… it just so happened that all the […]

The Art of Fighting // Short Documentary

In 1999 Hussain Sadiqi fled the remote mountains of central Afghanistan as the Taliban stepped up their violent persecution of the Hazara people. This was to be the start of Hussain’s epic 20,000km journey to Australia. 10 years later, this self confessed ‘nomad’ is about to give up his new life in his new country […]

Convert Car to Electric – How to Convert Gasoline to Electric Car

It isn’t really a complicated process to do an electric car conversion, but you will need to obtain certain specialized parts. You will need: an electric motor, deep cycle batteries, a controller, a battery charger, an adaptor kit, and various other small parts. But first, you are going to need a vehicle that you can […]

90 Amazing Facts To Make You Instantly Smarter

We live in a fascinating and strange world, no doubt about that. School and college teach us a lot, but there are several weird and interesting facts that many still might not know of. If we can get to know even a few of these, we’d probably be smarter for it. In order to get […]

Who was who in jewish ghetto during second world war?

Polish law on Holocaust responsibility was consulted with Israel. Poland’s government briefed Israeli officials on a proposed law on Holocaust responsibility long before the contested legislation reached parliament in Warsaw, according to a report. A document compiled by the Polish justice ministry refutes claims by Israeli officials that… read more (Visited 219159 times, 1 visits […]