Umbo CV – ‘Light’ – The Making Of

Here’s a peak behind the scenes of how our team made “Light”, an animation brand film for Umbo CV. Hope you enjoy it!

‘Making of’ film by 陳奇逸

Umbo CV – ‘Light’ :

Client : Umbo CV
Animation Studio : Finger and Toe
Creative Direction : Finger and Toe
Executive Producer : Charlie Chen
Director : Su Sheng Yang
Animation Producer : 林思瀚
Copywriter : Reider Larsen
Storyboard Artist : 張世楷
Designer : 林筱敏、張世楷
Animator : 林思瀚、陳奇逸
Music Composer:余昊益、陳威愷
Sound Designer:余昊益、陳威愷
Cel Animation:張世楷、林品宏
3D Artist : 陳奇逸、黃鈺凱
Compositing : 陳奇逸
Voiceover : Reider Larsen

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